Interview Coach Laura McGrath

Laura McGrath

Interview Coaching

Interview coaching empowers you to shift the dynamics of an interview. 

By positioning yourself as a strategic individual who can lead through people and solve complex problems, you’ll speak directly to the hiring manager’s needs and secure multiple attractive job offers.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Warren Buffett
Executive Interview Coaching in Dublin

Practise | Perfect | Perform

Laura McGrath

Why Hire Me 
  • To get feedback on your current interview style.
  • To craft your message and build your executive presence.
  • To allow you prepare for your interview in an efficient manner, getting the maximum return on investment from your time.
  • To get familiar with what questions are typically asked at executive level.
  • To better understand what sets you apart from the competition and how to leverage off this.
  • To understand how to maximise your impact when answering competency questions.
  • To get interview practice before meeting prospective employers, particularly when you’ve been in the same company for an extended period of time.
  • To strengthen your negotiation skills when finalising package.
Typical Coaching Process 
Analysis of the New Role

Analysis of the new role to identify challenges, key stakeholders and gain an understanding of how success will be measured.

Your Unique Value

Understanding what unique value you are bringing to the table.

Mock Interview

Mock interview: recorded, reviewed and critiqued. This allows me to quickly identify what we need to focus on to achieve a winning performance.


Feedback allowing you to see how your answers land from the perspective of an employer.

Review & Future Plan

Closing session will include a review to assess coaching results and plan for continued development.

You Can

A few words from some clients…

Interview Coach Laura McGrath Testimonial

Conrad McGee, Head of Finance, Food & Drink Sector

"I really enjoyed the session with Laura. I was used to being on the other side of the interview table and had forgotten how to sell myself. Her feedback was spot on and she quickly guided me on how to position myself strategically and present myself as someone who could lead through other people."

Interview Coach Laura McGrath Client Testimonial

Mark Ahern, Digital Marketing Manager, FMCG Sector

"I highly recommend Laura for interview preparation. I was lacking in confidence in my interview skills but she was able to give me the boost I needed and turn my negative approach into a positive one. I’m so glad I went to her - I got the job I wanted! Thank you Laura."

Anna Carter, HR Manager, Pharmaceutical Sector

"From the moment I walked through the door the level of service was excellent. I really appreciated the frank advice Laura gave me. It's hard to hear personal critique sometimes but it was delivered with kindness! The mock interview and video analysis was extremely beneficial and I took a lot away from it. Will definitely recommend it to a friend."

Interview Coach Laura McGrath Client Testimonial

Rachel Chung, IT Professional, Software Sector

"This was the best interview training I've ever done. Laura worked at my pace but was strict in keeping me focused on the areas I need to work on. The advice totally changed how I am preparing for the interview. I am more focused and confident."

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