I work with Executives and Business Owners on Life, Business and everything in-between.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a style of coaching which helps those in leadership positions develop self-confidence and an assured thinking style needed to thrive in their roles.

How will Coaching benefit you?

If you want to improve the performance of yourself or others, coaching could be for you. 

Coaching is a catalyst for self-development and gives you tools to:

  • Manage difficult relationships
  • Develop more flexible thinking
  • Manage remotely more effectively
  • Improve efficiency
  • Build confidence
  • Craft your career
  • Manage stress
  • Make sound decisions

Who is it for?

Coaching is no longer the preserve of CEOs. Anyone who’s in a leadership role, has a passion for learning and who wants to be the best possible version of themselves can benefit from coaching. I’ve worked with people in SMEs, Multinational Companies, the public sector and charities in helping them to develop more effective leadership skills and cope better with the pressures inherent in their role.

Laura McGrath Executive Coach

Why Me?

Laura McGrath

I’ve been coaching professionals for over ten years and recently qualified as a Business and Executive Coach with the IMI.

I’ve an expertise in talent acquisition and development which stems from 25 years of running my own recruitment company. I work 1:1 with professionals, helping them realise their potential, maximise their profile and earning potential.

Learn, Apply, Transform



What People say

Coaching Client

Ryan Murphy

“Laura made it clear from the start that the answers lay within me – I think this really helped me take ownership of change. In our sessions I felt like she was beside me (which was really good!), I felt supported and guided but always knew I was in control.”

Testimonial Executive Coach

Alice Mbilu

“My goal when I went to Laura was to be working with purpose and direction (rather than reactively or just in business), and to be making wiser decisions on where I place my professional attention. I’ve now clarity in my mind as to what I enjoy, where I want to go and how to get there.”

Testimonial Laura McGrath Coach Dublin

Elaine Smith

“I’m naturally a high achiever and sometimes lacked patience……Coaching with Laura helped me see the value of pausing before responding instead of my normal emotional response! Trying out new behaviours between sessions really worked for me allowing me to make lasting changes.”

Coaching Client

Jason Buttimer

“Coaching helped me get out of a rut by giving me a fresh perspective on challenges I was facing. The most valuable thing for me was exploring new ways of responding to issues instead of simply acting on impulse.”